Dream big.

You can always scale your idea back, or work toward it incrementally. There was a time when sending someone to the moon was only an idea.

Set micro-goals.

Nothing is achieved overnight, and most big feats are the result of many considered steps over time.

Be kind.

It's not always easy, but trying is better than the alternative, both for yourself and those around you.

Do good.

Support each other. We're responsible to do good with our time on Earth. There's enough bad energy out there to combat.

Do nothing.

Give yourself the time to do absolutely nothing.

Keep a small circle.

You're the result of who you surround yourself with, so prioritize your closest friendships and relationships. You'll be more fulfilled, and build more meaningful memories. Besides, you only have so much of yourself to give.

Let go.

Of ideas, thoughts, preconceptions. There will always be something else, and learning the art of letting go will help you navigate through life with ease.

Enjoy the process.

The vacation starts the moment you decide where you're headed. The meal begins when you're shopping for the ingredients. Appreciating the small details makes everything more enjoyable.

Know yourself.

Understanding what your values are, and what you won't stand for helps when making those big life decisions.

Be yourself.

Going through life with a mask can feel torturous. There's nothing to gain hiding who you truly are—so be yourself and find people who accept you—but also allow yourself the flexibility to change and adapt.

Embrace aging.

With age comes wisdom. What matters is that you're here, now. Youthfulness is a state of mind and you can hold onto it forever if you want to.


You won't always be perfect, and neither will your friends, your family, or your colleagues—and that's okay.

Eat well, most of the time.

Thich Nhat Hanh says "Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos: the trees, the clouds, everything." I agree... but also allow yourself to indulge and don't feel sorry.

Let others shine.

Remember that you don't need to contribute to every discussion, or take credit for every idea. Involve people into your process and allow them to bask in the limelight too.

Document stuff.

Keep notes, photos, and a memory box for silly stuff like concert tickets or your old business cards. Invest in a Polaroid. It may not feel like anything the time, but in a few years you'll look back at those memories fondly.

Spend time in nature.

In the sun, water, or forest. Many of us are increasingly becoming city dwellers and all deserve to feel the healing powers of nature once in a while.

Be mindful of what you pay attention to.

What you see, hear, and engage with shapes who you become. Put the phone down once in a while.

Practice gratitude.

For your life, your mind, your abilities, your family, your friends, and for the gift of waking up today.

Align your work with your values.

It's the key in finding meaning and purpose every day, and getting through difficult days.

Be the calm voice.

"Calm is contagious. Don’t be the agitator, the paranoid, the worrier, or the irrational. Be the calm, not the liability. It will catch on." —Daily Stoic

Support worthy causes.

Whether that be volunteering, or donating to a cause you care about—supporting something bigger than you is a way to keep good energy moving forward.

Connect people, and connect with people.

Be genuine and provide help when needed. Link people up with connections that may be out of their reach. By being an expander for others, you'll expand yourself as a result.

Stretch yourself.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. The same can be said about the mind—so go ahead break out of your mental comfort zone once in a while.

Be flexible.

Things may not go exactly the way you planned, and your ability to ride the wave will keep you from being pulled under.


Use one day per week as an opportunity to reflect and reconsider. Taking a little time for yourself will help you in the week ahead when things get chaotic.

Get out of town.

Even if it's just for a short road trip. A change in perspective is needed to think differently once in a while. Even better, live somewhere else for a few months.

Done is better than perfect.

Don't let the pressure of perfection stop you from starting. Start today.

Make something with your hands.

Build a chair. Start a puzzle. Make some guacamole. Make something. By building something without a computer, we can rediscover that life exists outside of spreadsheets and docs.

Ask questions and listen.

Make conversation about better understanding others. Keep asking questions and open your ears. It's much more fun than talking about yourself.

Don't mind the haters.

You don't have to like everyone, and not everyone has to like you.

If it feels difficult, you're in the right spot.

They're called growing pains for a reason. Lean into it and push on.

Allow your mind to wander.

Try and channel that childish feeling of curiosity, of not having any goals or pressure to do anything. It'll give you the space you need to be brilliant.

Expect less from others.

If you can be happy with yourself, you'll feel more fulfilled in every way. Adding others to the mix will only augment it.

Get some sun.

Try to spend 10 minutes outside every day. The molecules that produce Vitamin D are activated by the sun, so getting some rays in is good for your health.

Save money.

Get into the habit of saving money as early as possible, even if just a little bit. Compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

Don't fear fear.

Rainer Maria Rilke says, "Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final."

Seek mentorship.

Surrounding yourself with key people you can bounce ideas off is life-changing. We're forever student and teachers, and you can give back by making yourself available to others.

Seek experiences, not things.

Fugazi said it best, "You are not what you own." Keep a list of things-to-buy and check in on it later to see if you still need them. This helps with impulse-purchases.

Support small and local business.

Small independent businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. Get to know them, and support them when you can. The world's major corporations will be fine.

Chase the dream, not the money.

Your passion and dedication will show, and eventually the money will follow. But also, get paid.

Get some sleep.

A well-rested mind allows you to operate at your full potential. Even the most successful people who wake up at 4am are getting 7-8 hrs of sleep.

Love yourself.

Love your friends, your family, and even your enemies. Life’s too short not to.

There is no right or wrong way to live.

You're in control and you get to decide. Even this list is only a suggestion. Take from it what works for you.

I wrote most of this in Pioneertown, CA two years ago and finally had the courage to publish. The the sun was blistering, and we had nothing but time to meditate, eat, love, and write.

Inspired by Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, spending time with Andy Puddicombe, and my wife Terrie's sage wisdom